Surprising Benefits of Drinking Fresh Orange Juice

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We can enjoy fresh orange juice by squeezing oranges, either by hand or by machines. This hasn’t come from recently but from ancient times. As per some researches, this consists of some major health benefits.

Firstly, having a glass of fresh juice per day can support your digestive health, lower the risk of cancer, help to weight loss, support as a skin protector, etc. Recently it has come to light that oranges support to lower cholesterol levels, but more research will be needed for this statement.

Why orange juice available everywhere?

I remember that I like orange juice from my childhood and it is still the same. I usually number of glass of orange juice every week. For the OJ, there is no age limit. For instance, if you enjoy the hotel room overnight, then you can see OJ in your breakfast meals for sure. Many cafes also now serving OJ. For an example, minute maid juice is available everywhere now. Since there are a lot of benefits and usage variations, OJ preferably mixed with liquors to make cocktails by bartenders.

Another reason why this is so popular as a juice is, this is accessible and easy to make. Sometimes I would like to eat the natural fruit instead of drinking. Anyhow benefits are almost the same. More importantly, this can fulfill my daily Vitamin C requirement.

Major benefits of Orange Juice

Boosts your body’s immune system: Orange juice is full of vitamin C and mainly it can help to protect you from cold. In other words, it will help to boost your immune system.

Reduce the risk of kidney stones: these days, kidney stones are the main problem for many people due to some reasons. Drinking OJ reduces the risk of kidney stones. Per some doctors, OJ has potassium citrate which avoid forming stones

Lower the cancer risk: Basically vitamin C has been identified as a cure cancer. It is reported that OJ can help to reduce mouth cancer by 40%. 

Support in weight loss: Orange juice has already become the part of weight-loss diets and has been recommended by many dietitians. The reason is, the squeezing process supposed to be lowering the fiber content which helps to lose the weight. 

Skin protector: It is widely believed that re-generating skin cells will escalate by vitamin C and E present in fresh orange juice. On the other hand OJ’s nutrition help to increase the skincare proteins.   

How to Pick good orange juice?

To maximize the health benefits, firstly, you should select the fresh orange juice instead of old ones. Today, many brands claim that”100% natural”,”100% organic” or “no added sugar”.

So it is easy for you to select them from your nearest supermarket without any hesitation. Read the label before buy. Then enjoy 🙂

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