Virgin Coconut Oil – How to make it commercially and benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil

The Virgin Coconut Oil is a raw and 100% natural food product that is extracted from the finest and freshest coconuts grown in countries like the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc.

After producing, this looks like a crystal clear liquid and can be used for various benefits such as cooking, as a supplement for skin and hair, etc. The virgin coconut oil can get solidified below 25’C and stay liquid above 25’C. When you look at virgin coconut oil’s bottle labels (there are a lot of brands in your nearest supermarket), the majority of them are claiming that produced using the “Cold-pressed method”. Simply it means no heat is involved during the production. Let’s discuss this further through this article.

Remember about this miracle oil about below secret

Remember that since virgin Coconut oil can retain much nutrition, we can not limit its benefits or specific usages of it. There are a lot of them, and still, peoples are finding unrevealed benefits often by their experience.

How to make Virgin Coconut Oil

When producing virgin coconut oil commercially, the Majority of the manufacturers use the “Cold-pressed” method where no heat is involved, So oil has a distinct aroma of mild coconut. This aroma is totally through natural process and unrefined. Being from a 100% natural process, it is another reason why it says this is one of the healthiest oil you can use. Manufacturers use brown color mature coconuts for the productions, and due to the high demand lot of them are organically grown.

Virgin Coconut Oil Production Flow Chart

virgin coconut oil process diagram

Gather Coconuts and trucking to the manufacturing facility

Manufacturers gather coconuts directly from coconut plantations or through large scale coconut suppliers who can maintain the coconut supply steady. They often use clean and covered vehicles for transportation.

coconuts unloading
Un-loading Coconuts

De-Shelling process to make virgin coconut oil

People use instrument like a hammer to remove the coconut shell. Mostly this is done by experienced workers.

De-shelling process of virgin coconut oil

De-pairing process

After de-shelling, Coconuts are directed to the de-paring area where workers maintain full hygienic conditions. Most of manufacturing facilities are BRC or FSSC222000, ISO22000 certified. The main reason to keep the high quality is, this is the first step coconuts expose to outside. Using small equipment like a knife, People remove the brown skin of the coconut, and This is called de-pairing. The skinned coconuts ( after de-pairing) send to the washing area.

de-pairing process of virgin coconut oil
Pairing Coconuts

Crushing Coconuts

After washing coconuts thoroughly, they start crushing coconuts into very small pieces using cutting machines.

Send to Dryer

Crushed coconuts (small pieces of white kernels) send to the dryer. They maintain the dryer heat under the 60’c temperature, and they monitor it thoroughly as they know it can make unnecessary quality issues. It is more reasonable to assume that it may take 30-40 minutes to complete the drying process. It depends on the dryer manufacture use. Eventually, this process results in well dried small coconuts pieces called Desiccated coconut.”

expeller process of virgin coconut oil
Expelling Virgin Coconut Oil

Last step – Expelling the desiccated coconut and Filtration

Eventually, dried white kernel prices send for the expelling process. There are a lot of machine choices here. Expelling machines can be different country wise and manufacture wise. While some people are using two nozzle machines, others use 12 nozzle machines, which is more sophisticated. After feeding into a hopper in the expeller machine, Desiccated coconut goes through the expelling procedure. This expelled raw virgin coconut oil, which looks slightly unclear, finally, will pass one or two filters to clear and remove the sediments.

filter process
Check oil sample taken from filter

Virgin Coconut Oil top benefits, and common things that you must know

Virgin Coconut Oil benefits and the good side are more controversial. While some scientists claim that healthy facts are needed to be proven, others accept virgin coconut oil benefits without confirmed figures. However, there are a lot of examples. Asians have been using coconut oil many years ago, and still, their first editable oil choice is coconut oil.

It is widely believed that Coconut oil works perfectly for skin and hair treatments. There are a lot of factors that have resulted in increasing the demand and popularity of coconut oil recently.

For instance, If you apply coconut oil in your skin – It is nicely soaked in to skin and helps to moisturize very well. It also helps to protect the skin from outside dust and treat your skin wonderfully.

Do you think is there real different between virgin coconut oil and Extra virgin coconut oil ?

There is no different . Only thing is, people use “Extra” as a marketing term.

Some major benefits of virgin coconut oil – But need to be discussed

  • Treat your skin and hair
  • support to weight loss
  • promotes healthy hair growth
  • Boosts energy
  • Aids with digestion

The ways you can use Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Frying fish, Chicken, eggs, etc.
  • For Baking
  • With coffee or tea
  • As a hair oil
  • As a supplement

Since the coconut oil market is growing rapidly, People apparently intend to carry out more researches on this topic. At the moment, many countries including the U.S.A are consuming coconut oil.

virgin coconut oil
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