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Coconut flour : It is a healthy alternative to wheat flour

People are on the lookout for healthy food options as never before. In this respect, have you ever thought why does coconut flour and recipes for coconut flour mark a paradigm shift? That is obviously because it has multiple benefits. To name a few, it is naturally grained and gluten-free, high in protein and fiber, and low in carbohydrates. Considering all facts, it is an ideal alternative to wheat flour. It is also an ideal candidate for a Keto recipe.

In the past, this was used for animal feeds. But while developing the food industry people understand that coconut flour can be retained more nutritions. Some of them are almost like we see in virgin coconut oil.

Versatility (Multi ability of Coconut Flour)

The extraction of virgin coconut oil leaves the byproduct called coconut-cake. Then this is milled in order to produce a soft product called coconut flour. This is an ideal healthy substitute for wheat flour.Both in terms of its healthy nutritional content and versatility in usage.

Despite the fact that it would perhaps initially pose a slight challenge in getting used to the change, eventually one would succeed in making absolutely great recipes with this fascinating alternative.

As of now, coconut flour can be used for food items such as below

  • baking
  • Making paleo diets
  • Grain and Gluten-Free baking
  • Cakes
  • Breads
  • Coconut Flour pancakes
  • Keto-muffins

What’s more, coconut flour can undoubtedly be considered as a promising candidate in any ketogenic diet plan as well. This is also can be a substitute for almond flour as well. Generally speaking, we are having a lot more recipes day by day.

Coconut Flour is Gluten-free, good for stomach

Gluten Free - Coconut flour
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The benefits of organic coconut flour are endless. First and foremost, it is gluten-free. Gluten is a kind of protein that is present in wheat flour, which is difficult to digest. So it leads to intolerance in many people creating a range of health complications. Maybe like gastritis, diarrhea, cramps, indigestion, and even stomach ulcers.

Gluten also can be found in many foods. But most people are allergic to gluten. Simply, Gluten helps to keep the shape of foods. This can be explained more deeply by chemistry. Remember that barley and wheat flour are rich in gluten, That’s why it’s better to go for another alternative like coconut flour.

Keep harmful microorganisms at bay

Another important feature of Coconut flour is the presence of plant-based iron and Medium Chain Triglycerides that contributes to keeping harmful viruses and bacteria in check. Abundant availability of nutrients such as fiber, protein, beneficial fats, and low carbohydrate content helps you to lose weight healthily by acting as a ketogenic food.

Basically as it is from white coconut oil, it retains almost all the antimicrobial resistance which owned by white coconut oil. People may protect from diseases. However, this should be proved by science.

Coconut Flour for Improved digestion

Furthermore, high fiber levels promote digestion, which, coupled with low Glycemic Index, in turn, helps maintain blood sugar level stable. It is a fact that food containing especially insoluble fiber help movements of digesting masses in intestines reducing issues related to constipation. And soluble fiber creates a kind of a gel during digestion that helps beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms are believed to produce short-chain fatty acids that can significantly nourish the cells in intestinal linings thus reducing disorders caused by inflammations. Coconut flour is rich in insoluble fiber with small amounts of soluble fiber as well.

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A mother nature’s gift  

In a nutshell, coconut flour is a gift of nature for those who are keen on sustainable eating habits. This gift ensures a long healthy life. Fortunately, now all major supermarkets worldwide store this product, and its popularity is growing in leaps and bounces. You also have enough recipes to taste 🙂

Organic Coconut Flour -
Coconut flour : It is a healthy alternative to wheat flour 10

Coconut Flour recipes

Nowadays, we can easily find a lot more recipes for coconut flour from the internet. But earlier we had less information ,since people haven’t known well about this. Thanks to some food enthusiastic people, today we can see more of them from internet and other medias. This is also known as coconut powder, but don’t get confused with coconut milk powder. These two are totally different products.

So far this is commonly used in the USA and a few other countries. But now we can see it is growing day by day. Coconut flour cookies now trending in the USA. More importantly, Most of the major supermarkets have selected this for their own branded bakery products. They use this in some propositions.

Europian countries use coconut flour as ingredients to many food items. The reason behind this is, it is healthy, easy to mix and the affordable price.

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