Coconut Chips: Why good for your keto diet?

How to produce Coconut Chips: Complete idea

After the de-shelling process, coconuts are directed to go through the pairing process, which result in skinned coconuts ( white coconut meat). Then using cutters, we can slice them into our preferred cut size. The majority of coconut chips manufacturers are keen on their production lines. So, Coconut kernels were subjected to the blanching process. Under that condition, it causes the reduce the initial microbial contamination. Then coconut slices send to dryers for drying process.

Coconuts chips were dried under (90 – 110 oC ). Those are the steps used as the killing steps to avoid microbial activities. During this drying process or before that we can add flavors ( like salt, Sugar, Mango syrup, etc) if we want flavored chips.

Where it is used and who?

You can use it as a topping on salads, oatmeal, smoothies, ice cream. It is more reasonable to assume that there is no age limit if you don’t have infection or allergies. Naturally, This product claims as below

Good Source of Fiber
No Preservatives

Therefore, Coconut chips can be retained many benefits and nutrition. This way it is perfect for a keto diet. When Melts in your mouth, perfect crunch, and incredible flavor.

What are the health benefits of Coconut Chips

Good source of dietary fiber
Rich in MCT – Can support for weight loss
May boost heart health