Coconut Chips : Super Health Benefits you must know

Coconut Chips

If someone says coconut, coconut oil is the main thing that comes into our mind first. Apart from
that, there are hundreds of products that can derive from coconut. Coconut milk, coconut butter,
coconut water, coconut flour, coconut chips, desiccated coconut, coconut flakes, etc. if you love
to have a snack from coconut, coconut chips are the best snack you can have. It is rich
with health benefits rather than other types of chips.

Coconut chips are a fantastic combination of salty and sweet taste with some healthy fat. If you
are a person who considers more on health issues like calories, starch, and fat, you may not have
potato chips and other types of crackers. So coconut chips are the best solution for anyone who
seeks healthy, crunchy snack.

Coconut chips made from creamy coconut flesh with removed moisture. And then bake and cut
into slices. This is similar to desiccated coconut, but coconut chips are more tasty and crunchy.
You can eat straight up as a wholefood snack.

Health Benefits of Coconut chips

Coconut is rich with nutrients and health benefits. Since coconut chips also made from natural
coconut meat, it even full of health benefits.

  • Coconut is a food with high fiber content. This leads you to feel full for longer and
    stabilize the blood sugar. And also, coconut chips are rich in vitamins and minerals,
    which keeps your body healthy
  • Coconut chips contain saturated fats. You may think fat is not suitable for our body. But
    fat also an essential macronutrient that acts as fat-soluble vitamins and helps to maintain
    body temperature
  • Fatty acids in coconut increase the HDL cholesterol, which is considered good
    cholesterol in your blood, and it may help reduce heart diseases
  • Coconut is the most abundant source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCT does
    not circulate in blood like fat, and it directly transports to the liver to convert into energy.
    Since the body does not store MCT, this will lead to weight loss
  • Coconut contains Lauric acid that has the antimicrobial ability. When your body digests
    lauric acid, it leads to creating a substance called monolaurin. Then both lauric acid and
    monolaurin kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the body

How can we have coconut chips?

You can eat coconut chips as it is as a snack. But there are some more ways to eat coconut chips
as your choice.

  • You can add coconut chips to your smoothie. You can add chips as a topping to your base
    flavor of topping. This mixture will make your smoothie more delicious as well as
    nutritious. They give the smoothie some chew and make it more interesting
  • You can make home-made granola with coconut chips. You can mix granola with these
    coconut chips to add more taste
  • Mix with your porridge to make it crunchy and sweet. This will provide you a healthy
    breakfast with fiber and healthy fat
  • If you are a salad lover, you can make it differently by adding coconut chips. Its better
    match with cabbage and grated salad or on tofu

Usually, coconut flakes, chips, shreds threads come under the desiccated coconut since they all
follow in the same initial process. Shredded or flaked coconut meat has oven dried to remove
moisture. But the cut sizes of these products are varied. But coconut chips are crunchier than
others since they have to bake to get exact texture, and it helps to absorb sugar to the chip.
If you are a snack lover and suffer from any health issues, coconut chips are the best snack you
can have. This is a natural, non-GMO, vegan, and nutrient-rich food that anyone can eat.

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