Banana Flour, How to make it and its amazing benefits

Ripen Banana

Just hearing the name Banana Flour reminds us that it should be from dried banana. It is undoubtedly true. But let’s analyze it further and see how it goes.

In short, this can make a great deal of food and is also suitable for health. For these reasons, there has recently been much interest in this product in the world, as this article below illustrates.

Firstly, If you are looking for any flour that much suitable for your health and budget, flour is the most suitable choice. There is no doubt that without age limit, anyone can consume this. Cakes, pancakes, pastry, bread are the few excellent examples for some favorite recipes foods. Who doesn’t love banana flour?

How to make Banana flour?

Take a few green bananas, which grows on a well-grown banana tree. Then clean them, peel them, cut them into thin pieces and put them in the water. Do not forget to put a few drops of lime into the water. This is an important step. Because if you forget, the banana can be discolored and trying to get spoiled. Peeled bananas are mixed in water to prevent spoilage if it is exposed until the next step.

Then put the thinly sliced green bananas on a dryer and let it dry for six to seven hours. This time may vary depending on the state of the dryer.

Bring the dried product out and let it stand for a while until cool down, and then put it on a cutting machine and crush it well. Powdered product then sieve well and separate. Simply, This is the whole processing step of powder.

Green Banana
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Why should we use Banana Powder?

When it comes to banana flour, there is a lot of controversy about this, such as other nutritious foods, but most of the points are scientifically explained.

Banana flour is very rich in many minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, etc. Banana flour gives the body the mineral balance it needs in a very simple and healthy way. Many experiments have confirmed this already. Banana is mostly not an allergenic food and helps people to maintain their immune system well. It is one of the best foods for weight loss. Its high fiber content helps to meet nutritional needs regardless of age. It is generally accepted that bananas with shallow potassium content may help control hypertension. This point should be further scientifically confirmed. These are the main things to justify why banana is good for you.


This article is about what I should say. When eating bananas, it should be done moderately. According to the survey I did among friends, eating too many bananas causes sleepiness and laziness. According to some research, there is a combination of banana and sleep.

Mainly, We should also keep in mind that banana is a fruit with sugar, and therefore diabetic patients should eat it on medical advice.

Ripe Banana
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